Lighting fun

We’re taking steps towards updating our downstairs bathroom. We have a new shower set ready to go, just need to get a plumber in to do the soldering, since we feel like it’s just a little out of our knowledge comfort zone and something we don’t want to chance screwing up. We’ve installed a new faucet and vanity of normal-people height. We took down the old cabinet and put in a new mirror and, for the last few weeks, had the motivation light up (a basic porcelain light and plastic electrical box on a wire.)

I ordered a new light from Lowe’s, picked it from the store yesterday aaaaand… it wasn’t quite the same as the picture. It had more porcelain accents than in the picture and was just too… fussy for the space. So I picked out another, cheaper one and installed it, which involved installing a box, cleaning up the junction wiring, and cutting a hole in the wall. Just that step alone was frustrating for TCB, but now it’s done more neatly than before, and installed a junction box. Once we installed this new light, we realized that we had several problems: it’s not deep enough and it causes a big shadow over the faucet from the shelf on the mirror. And the shades that they included with it don’t match each other: they’re different colors and different sizes. So tomorrow, we’ll head back to Lowe’s and return it and search for yet another, different light. I’ve found one online that we like, it’s a foot deep, on sale, but it’s still twice the price of the first light. Poop.

Looking at other lights and the semi-standard 7-8 inch depth that they have, I’m thinking this may be one of the design requirements that we may have to spend more on to satisfy, but maybe I haven’t looked in enough places. I’ve searched the websites of Pottery Barn, IKEA, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, JC Penny, Restoration Hardware, Van Dyke’s Restorers, Green Culture, Macy’s, Target, and Any suggestions on other places to look would be greatly appreciated.

And if you’re up to searching, our requirements are: 20″ or less wide, 10″-12″ deep, fewer than 6″ tall from the attach point (it can be taller than 6″, we’ve just already installed the box, and it’s about 8″ below the ceiling.) Chrome finish, semi-opaque shades, and clean lines. Porcelain accents are just a bonus.

Edit: also looked at Progressive Lighting, Cost Plus World  Market

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