Trip north

This weekend, TCB and I went up to Dahlonega and tasted at our favorite wineries.  This is our 4th year doing so, and it was just as wonderful as usual. Because the Daytona had a few issues on the way up (luckily, TCB had just put his tools back in the trunk), we had to make a decision on which one to skip, and we chose to skip Frogtown. We went to Three Sisters first, to make sure we didn’t miss it, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that they had their Cynthiana wine back! It’s very tasty and we’ve managed to hold onto a bottle from 2 years ago. (That’ll be a nice dinner some night.) Because they had it back, we (I) purchased half a case to put away for our eventual wedding. Then we were off to Blackstock, and their wines were about as we had remembered from last year- red is most certainly their strong suit. We ended up to the same couple we’d been next to at Three Sisters, and convinced them to go back to Three Sisters and try the wines on the not-free tasting. (The free tasting ones are ok, but the non-free ones are sooo much better.)

Finally, we went to Wolf Mountain, where the wine selection was a little limited because they haven’t bottled yet this year, but the tastiness and friendliness was high quality. We got another half case of wine to put away for a while. Hopefully, we’ll leave that case of “put away for a while” wines alone!


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