What. The. F.

Did I tell you about the oven? The oven that we got an amazing deal on at the Scratch ‘n Dent? 60% off? No?

Well, a few weeks ago, TCB called and said he’d found our oven. I raced home from work, we went to the Sears Outlet and, indeed, he’d found our oven. We took it home, and it’s been residing near the wine rack ever since.

New oven!Oven oven oven!

We took out our old oven two weeks ago, just to check the size of the hole in the cabinet so we could figure out how to reconfigure the cabinet. We’d probably lose the drawers, get rid of the center bar, and I’d have to make larger cabinet doors. This would all wait until we had a free weekend to do all this (HA!)

Oven out

And then I came home today to this:


It’s better than I imagined. Hooray for TCB!


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