So, we ran this morning. I couldn’t sleep much last night, I’m not sure why. Maybe I was anxious about the race, maybe I was anxious about the yard sale (oh, we had a yard sale today, too. Did I mention that?), or maybe I just felt so much better and had been sleeping so much. Anyway, we ran this morning. Once we got to Candler Park, TCB headed to the finish with the camera while Abby and I walked to the start line, meeting Lindsay, Megan and Tiff on the way. Team Tiger Glitter was assembled! Then, we ran, and Abby and I totally kicked our practice time’s butt. I ran the whole thing in about 31 minutes, and she was right behind me around 33. Whoo! Our times might change for the better once they “adjust” for whatever, but we’re both pretty darn happy about our raw times.

Training Partners

Even better- we parked near the finish line for an easy exit to Radial, where they served Easter Candy Pancakes- pancakes with Easter colored M&Ms, garnished with a Peep in a whipped cream nest. Truly, isn’t that what Easter’s really all about?


5 thoughts on “Faste

  1. Congratulations! On the race! And on the sale! I hope you made a pile of money. Cool idea for Easter breakfast!

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