Updates, mostly food-related

  • Get A Clue was yesterday. It was awesome, and we finished fairly well. More once I have pictures.
  • Skitty’s going to get fixxored tomorrow morning. We haven’t really told her yet.
  • We’re making a hopefully fantastic Mediterranean dinner tonight of falafel, tzatziki and kofta in pita bread with hummus. I’m really excited.
  • Since I went to the DFM today, I went ahead and made up some meatloafs with a variety of ground meats and froze them.
  • I had a little extra meatloaf, so I made and froze some little meatloaf patties for lunch later this week.
  • Next time we make rice, I’m going to try these ketchup yaki onigiri.
  • We found a grill favorite- asparagus stalks tossed in olive oil, gathered into bunches of 6-8 stalks, and a piece of bacon wrapped around the group to keep it together. Grill about 12 minutes on the side of whatever the main dish is.

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