Friday, while TCB was at conference, I wandered around Union Square. Unenticed by shopping (whoo), I strolled about Yerba Buena Gardens (where I did, indeed, enjoy a free outdoor opera concert) and then, unable to locate the Cartoon Art Museum (I didn’t look very hard, since I hadn’t brought my map and couldn’t quite remember where it was) I went to SFMOMA, and I’m really glad that I did. Their photography exhibits and collection were great, and it gave me some ideas about presentation for the upcoming show I’m in (in 2 weeks!), and more confidence about the pieces I’ve chosen.

As I wandered through the sculpture and painting portion of SFMOMA (not my favorite part), TCB called to say that he was finished and they were having lunch at _____. I texted, said I was heading back to the conference hotel and then called once I arrived. He said, again, that they were on _____ St., at Cafe _____. I asked for clarification about where this street was and got that the “hotel is between Taylor St. and _____ St?” Finally, after some more exasperated asking, the word “Mason” finally came through, and I met TCB and some IO people around the corner at Cafe Mason for a tasty lunch.

We didn’t have much planed for the day, and decided that it should be lazy day. We read in our room, then read on the bar patio (happy hour!) and convinced a person in TCB’s program to join us. Then we strolled around our hotel, found a yummy crepe cafe for dinner and got back early, as I had to get up at 5:15 to go on the SIOP 5k Fun Run!


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