• While TCB was in conference, I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Found some jewelry and note cards that I really like. Watched demonstrations of Taiko– amazing.
  • Instead of waiting in the really long lines at the festival, we walked down to Kings of Falafel, a fantastic Mediterranean diner. Yumyumyum- falafel and dolmas. I think I’m going to try making dolmas, both the Farmer’s Market and Kroger carry the grape leaves now.
  • Then we kept walking and eventually found Golden Gate Park. Is huge. Walked the entire length.
  • Walked down to the ocean. Got in the ocean. The water is cold. Our feet were super-happy about that.
  • We saw a lots of dogs! The funniest was a mini wiener dog that was adamant about his frisbee toy. Would bring it to his owner and barkbarkbark until it was thrown, then would run along the waterfront until he got near the frisbee, then would dive in, alost running on top of the water to get it
  • On the walk back, we saw a woman double-parked on a hill, just eating a hamburger in her car.
  • Lots and lots of walking then ensued. I finally decided that since we were walking along a bus route, I would take one, after TCB and I walked north 1 block. TCB decided that he wasn’t going to retrace any steps and continued east. I turned around and took the bus back to the hotel (the route dropped me off about 4 blocks south). That was about an hour ago and TCB just showed up. I totally won.

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