And then…

And then we caught the ferry to Alcatraz for the night tour. It was pretty good. Neither TCB nor I realized that some of the officers and their families lived on the island. While we were there, the fog started rolling in, blanketing everything. Partway through, while I was outside for for a bit of the tour, the fog rolled in in earnest: I could see San Francisco when I went out, but when I went back inside less than 5 minutes later, I couldn’t. We both thoroughly enjoyed the cell door closing demonstration, both of us trying to figure out what sort of indexing mechanism they used to open just one door. Another thing I really liked about the tour: well-placed bathrooms. I mean, there was a toilet in every cell, but the more private toilets were spaced exactly “I have to pee” apart.

By the time we left, the sun had gone down and we were not prepared for the cold. We’d both brought or bought sweatshirts to/in San Fran, but neither of us had remembered to throw them in my bag before leaving the hotel (at 11am.) So we had a little argument about dinner, since we’d agreed on seafood but were both then pretty darn cold. TCB just wanted to go back to the hotel and didn’t think I knew where we were, and I wanted to eat where we were and knew exactly where the stops for the bus back to the hotel was (and was not readily willing to admit to being cold). Eventually, after a few blocks of angry walking, I walked us to a bus stop and we went to the pizzeria that we’d originally picked for lunch, after stopping at the hotel for our sweatshirts, of course.


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