I’m a feeling a bit stressed right now.
Work’s got some pretty major deadlines tomorrow and Friday, so I’ll be in early and late to get those things done, plus I’ve been working extra to catch up with the “you were on vacation!” workload. It’s not so much a vacation if you just come back to super-stress, everything’s piled up and needs to be done immediately. That just makes me want to take an extra day to get things done at home, since another day of issues piling up doesn’t relatively add that much to the pile.
Plus, I’ve taken on some side contract work -a website- and, though I delivered a full site on time, I feel that some of their change requests (from the end client) are a little unreasonable and out of scope from the original design that they’d approved, so I’m a little unsure about a re-quote of the pricing. On one hand, it’s still part of the original delivery, but on the other, I had to break down the quote page by page and I would have quoted differently if this had been the approved design. (The first way, I could reuse Flash assets. The new way, it’s better to start over and go in a different direction, without reuse.) So I’m behind on following up on that because I’ve got so much to do at my regular jorb.
And finally, TCB’s running a study this semester to gather more data in prep for turning his 2nd year paper into a publication. Included in the study is some payment of the participants and TCB had more participants than he expected, so he’s been borrowing some dollars from me. That, plus the flights to San Fran (which he won’t be reimbursed for, because the department’s following the hidden rules) and the trip… I still would have gone, because just adding a flight to the trip I would have been paying for anyway didn’t seem that bad, but everything combined is just a little much. I’m really not a fan of having to choose between a car payment and health insurance payment.
Things would be much better, if my former job (in ATL, not the Haute) didn’t still owe me over 2 months of salary. Then, I wouldn’t have had spend all my “get my pilot’s license” money on actually living for a month. I really didn’t have much left when jorb[previous] said they couldn’t make payroll. 7 hours and 2 tests. Now I’ve got more, since I’ve been out of it for a while, as my signoffs have expired and my most recent instructor has moved to an airport another 45 minutes away from the 35 minutes at LZU he was before. (I don’t particularly want to take lessons at PDK, as lessons are way more expensive and the instructors, from my and other’s experiences, are misogynistic. And I really don’t deal well with any form of disbelief in my abilities, because I’m pretty darn competent at what I choose do, though I get easily bored and aggressive about tasks I feel are “busy work.”)
So, between the jorbs, the dollars and the things I’d really rather being doing, I’m a bit stressed.


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