Blah, 34:11

Ran a 5k this morning as part of the the Sweetwater 420fest, and I sort of think the race planners had already been imbibing when they planned it. The miles seemed extra long and every hill that they could find in the neighborhood- they put in our race. I think we finished at a higher elevation that we’d started, too. I also sort of feel like it wasn’t as well organized. Yes, it was better organized that some races, but not quite as well-done as the Atlanta Women’s 5k a few weeks ago. Plus, the hills. I finished the first, fairly ok mile in 10 minutes; I was doing well. Then the course went through Candler Park, a path that Abby and I were hoping wouldn’t happen. It’s just hills. (The previous race we’d done in Candler Park skipped most of the park and ran on the road, so mile one was roughtly downhill, mile 2 was roughtly uphill and seemed like a short mile, and mile 3 was pretty much the reverse of mile 2.) The one water station was poorly done- they’d run out of clean cups by the time I got there and weren’t being helpful, just suggesting that people share and wait turns to get water. Bleh. So that added another 30 seconds to my time. Then a loop back through the park, up some more hills, and to the finish!

On the bright side, my finish card number was 199, so I finished in the top 200 women, if they started at 1.


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