Darn Colts

Oof, my old football injury* is flaring up again. The left side is around where the iliotibial band attaches in the knee, where I know what works to relieve pain and speed along recovery (heat/ice cycles and ibuprofen worked best, it seemed. None of the electrode or ultrasound stuff seemed to do much at all.) This time, though, it’s located in my abductor muscle (outer thigh) on the right side. I’m working on getting a freezy gel pack to shape to my thigh so it’s a little easier to ice the area, and that fancy ace-bandage-like-wrap that they wrapped around my knee after putting stitches in (with velcro on each end) is getting quite a lot of use holding the ice pack to my leg.

*Tendonitis in my IT bands, first really occurred during sophomore year of college when the Colts, realizing that they’d left us mud fields the previous year after concluding their training camp at Rose, put down new sod and rolled it a bunch of times to make it stay. Unfortunately, it also made this sod like concrete and we all had primary and secondary injuries (from compensation for the primary injury) because of the non-giving ground. My secondary injury was slightly pulled quads.

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