Something I really like about our neighborhood- the dogs that live here are just… cool. There’s a few yippy exceptions, but on the whole, they’re calm and cool and the owners know what to do with them. I’ve never seen a half hearted “no, Fluffy…” when running by a yard (with or without Angus) that has a non-leashed dog in it. In fact, I think only once has a dog wandered out to check me and Mr. Dog out, and the owner was right on top of her. Usually, the dogs give us a cursory glance and the owners are way more interested in us. Angus routinely hangs out in the yard unleashed, since TCB and I are the Alpha and Beta to his Omega dogness.
When we’re out walking, you can tell which dogs are in training, because the owners are actively taking control and training their dog. Amazing. I know. This is so different than some other neighborhoods Abby and I run in, where the dogs continue to control the owner, and they clearly don’t know know what to do with their pulling, barking, excitable dog which trying to put them in a car at 6:30am. (My suggestion would be to perhaps walk the dog themselves before taking it to doggy daycare, or assert that they’re the alpha, or practice those commands that they paid for the dog to learn at obedience school, but while not under stressed conditions.)
What’s even cooler? There are a couple or three dogs that are so well-behaved (under verbal control) that they can walk and run leashless with their people. So cool!


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