A few days ago, I happened to be at the mall, maybe looking for a Wii Fit, and decided to look for some shorts and a new shirt for the summer season at Old Navy, with disastrous results. I didn’t get anything, was very discouraged with my running/diet change weight-loss efforts, and just got a “haven’t you learned anything from What Not to Wear?” from TCB. Very depressing. So today, when I went to the mall to take advantage of coupons and Memorial Day sales for a couple more blinds to keep on completing updating the blinds in our house, I had to walk through the regular clothes in Kohl’s, stopped, and had mucho success! I found not one, but two pairs of shorts that fit well, and several new shirts. Clothes that are in style and fit and don’t contain holes or weird stains! Hooray!

(Of course, as soon as I got home, I made a small pile of clothes to take to Goodwill that equaled or exceeded the number of new items.)


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