At work, the owner told us on Friday (at our daily 10am stand-up meeting) that he was going to lunch at a certain time, and he wasn’t coming back to the office. But if he were to come back to the office, he wouldn’t expect to see anyone there. And then he said that we could celebrate Memorial Day wherever we chose, whether that was in the office or not. So I’m celebrating it at home. And my original plan for today was to rip out a bunch of the ivy taking over the backyard, but we finally found a whole* mosquito catcher thing at Home Despot, and installed it last night. So. Do I put off ivy-ripping until the Nosquito has a chance to kill some buggies and clean house, instead, or do I brave the insects and heat to rip it out today? TCB will be doing schoolwork, so he’ll be out of my way, and there’s a marathon of my favorite show to listen to while I clean (John and Kate + 8 ) on today… I think I’m going to go for a cleaner house over less ivy today, and give that mosquito catcher a chance to de-bug the backyard.

*The last one we found was the floor model of the more expensive one, and it was missing some pieces. They offered us a discount, but what good is it if things like the mosquito-catching basket and propane connector are missing?


3 thoughts on “Hmm…

  1. I ❤ Jon and Kate + 8 too– and the cool thing is that one of my friends in my program actually baby sat for the twins on that show, before the sextuplets came along. And another coincidence– I made birth announcements for this friend, and was watching the show one day while typing in the addresses for all of the recipients, and I realize, while watching the show, that I am typing in the Gosselins’ address! Now, if I could only see the announcement on their refrigerator in one of the episodes or something . . .

  2. If you are ripping out all of the ivy, I highly recommend at least 3 applications of Round-up. And don’t bother with mixing to the listed concentration, you need at least twice that! Also, I would recommend using a spade to cut the ivy into sections so that when you take hold, you won’t be ripping out pieces from across your neighbor’s yard.

    Good luck!

  3. Hmm… round-up… We just ran out of the heavy-duty, poison-ivy-and-kudzu stuff, so I’ll put it on the shopping list for next time someone goes to a store that carries it.
    Fortunately, it’s all in our yard, so I’m ripping up as much as I possibly can!

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