Go go leakfrog!

Last night, we were watching some teevees while I did laundry. During a commercial for something (that had trucks in it), I heard beeping. When it continued to the next commercial, I asked TCB to turn off the sound and, sure enough, something in out house was beeping. Turns out, it was the leakfrog near TCB’s 13-year-old washing machine, which was, in fact, leaking.  We confirmed that the leak wasn’t from the drain and the cycle was nearly finished, and  then let everything dry out. We’re running the test  wash right now (the shower curtain), to see if it was a fluke or something we need to investigate further (like maybe some interior gasket.) I’m both hoping and not hoping that the leakfrog beeps again, because I kind of want a more efficient washer and dryer, but kind of don’t want to have to buy them.


One thought on “Go go leakfrog!

  1. Yay, froggie works! Boo! Washing machine may be broken. Yay! New washing machine. Boo! Major expense. The yin and yang of home ownership.

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