Summer schedule

My “Summer Sleeping Schedule” is well under way. I’ve noticed, over the last few years, that during the summer, I tend to fall asleep early and quickly, then wake up around 4am, and be wide awake. When I lived in the Haute and had a jorb that started around 5pm, it was no problem. I could either listen to my upstairs naighbor do tae-bo or go running, and fall asleep again at 10am and sleep until 2, finishing out my 8 hours of sleep (or so). Now, I’ve got a sort of normal job, an am running schedule and no upstairs neighbors. I’m so tired, and the pattern repeats every day. I can’t wait until a vacation or fall.


5 thoughts on “Summer schedule

  1. Early is 12 midnight? Go to bed at 9:30. Take a melatonin capsule at bedtime. Drink a glass of milk before bed. Do not drink alcohol after 7 pm.

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