8 boxes

We’ve been on a bit of a cleaning jag here in the ATL, and today, we took eight boxes of stuff over to Goodwill. It felt good to get rid of so much stuff that we don’t use, have duplicates of or doesn’t fit. Our goal is to make it look like two people with their shit together live in our house and right now, except for the large appliances and tools in the basement, it totally does. The tables are cleaned off and bare, there’s not too much dog hair tumbling through the living room, there’s no indoor wood pile, almost all the boxes in the laundry room have known stuff in them… Much of the useless stuff is gone, and we’re about down to the “we need better organizational tools to make this cleaner” part (like a consolidated tool chest, instead of a crappy plastic 3-drawer dresser and two smaller tool boxes), so we can fit the large tools is the basement into the laundry room. Once it looks like we have our shit together, we’ll have a party.


4 thoughts on “8 boxes

  1. People with their shit together have tools in the basement. They usually just have them in a consolidated tool spot (aka. a shop).

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