Nosynosy – 2

In college, maybe about my Sophomore year, I crunched my nose pretty hard against another girl’s skull during a soccer game. I thought it was bleeding the whole game, but afterwards, on the sideline, the trainer (Ron) and Dad looked at it and said that it probably wasn’t broken but if it was, it was crinched in the cartilage and there wasn’t anything to do about it.

But my nose wasn’t straight anymore. What felt “right” looked wrong. So after a few days of moving it to a less-pain-but-crooked position and guessing-on-the-right-way, I stuck my fingers in my nose and figured out what was pretty close to straight. It still hurt, but it looked ok.

3 thoughts on “Nosynosy – 2

  1. Except I don’t walk on my nose! I think that, if I had to set my leg and walk down the mountain, it’d be more of a “scoot down the mountain.”

  2. Oof! Sorry about the reference to broken leg. Seems like a weird coincidence with the Wambaugh situation.

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