Nosynosy – 3

Over the last few years, my nose has developed a hook and cleft that weren’t there before and don’t match anybody else in the family. It also has a tendancy to bleed when I’m stressed and I’ve noticed that I can’t breathe through my nose for long before I’m yawning and feeling oxygen-deprived.

Last Thursday, I was bending down to pet the skitty when Angus squirmed under my petting arm and raised his head, trying to exchange noses with me. Ow. It didn’t bleed right away, but it did make the crunching noise when wiggled that it made when I crunched it in college. It bruised. The cleft and hook got worse, and I started getting headaches that went away when I pushed my nose up. Owowow.

So, since there was no sideline medicine, I made appointment with an Ent (Ear, Nose and Throat Dr.) and she said that, while my nose looked pretty normal from the outside, I have an interestingly deviated septum from multiple injuries: it’s shaped like an “S”. And it needs to be surgically fixed.

Tuesday, I have an appointment with a surgeon.


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