We certainly earned our beers tonight! Today, I pruned the butterfly bush, fennel, porch tomato, blooming tree, roses, daylilies, mint, bee balm, bamboo, unnamed bushed around the peppers, near-the-front-stairs bush, and in-the-butterfly-bush roses. Then I fertilized the veggies and roses, and moved to the backyard, where I dug up the area for a new veggie garden. The soil was littered with information stakes from former occupants, mostly peppers and tomatoes. While I dug in the garden, TCB was up on the roof, installing 3  roof vents (all on the top level), so our house will hopefully stay cooler. Then, we were off to Lowe’s, where we got a new rake (ours finally snapped in two), some florescent light bulbs. And!! They had an outdoor table + chairs that I was interested in on super-sale!

But they didn’t have any left.

Amazingly, someone was very interested in helping us, and she called some other stores and found the one left in the ATL. Fortunately, it was nearby in Norcross, so we hopped up there, got the table and chairs, and visited TCB’s machine shop guy on the way back. I really liked meeting him. He showed me a bunch of engines that he’s working on and some pictures of engines he’s worked on before, including a Dauntless engine (which was awesome.)

On the way home, we had some fun about a mile from our house, still on the intersnake, when the engine decided it wasn’t getting fuel. So I got to look for and at crazy drivers while TCB fixed the problem. Our exit is an “exit only” lane, and I was amazed at how many drivers, though they have plenty of opportunity to get over and warning that the lane is ending, wait until the last minute to switch to a non-ending lane.

We got home, went out again (in a slightly more reliable vehicle) get some funky slate tiles for the table at Home Despot, and stopped on the way home to do what the woman at Lowe’s had suggested: sit at the table this evening and have a glass of wine.


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