After a frustrating day at work*, there’s nothing like having a nice glass of local wine, while having a light dinner** while sitting at the patio table***, and then enjoying some easy-to-make, non-bagged microwave popcorn. Seriously. I love this popcorn maker.

*the file/course I was working on got corrupted three times, causing lots of rework to the structure after each database restore, though it didn’t matter, since every time I had a question about something, the person I asked pointed out something I had done “wrong.” By “wrong”, I mean they hadn’t told me about the way it was supposed to be done now, since it had changed isince the last time I’d asked, two days ago, and nobody had thought to at least mention the major changes at our daily meeting.

**of leftover chili and even-more-leftover pasta

***it still counts if it’s looking at the patio through the glass doors, right?

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