Well, great!

Inspector came over yesterday, after we called the insurance peoples back and said, “um, this tree’s still in our attic? Shouldn’t someone come look at this?” and they went, “Oh… the tree that fell on your house is in your house… yeah, we’ll get someone on that.”

First, the damage: 4 cracked/broken joists, the beam that runs the entire length of the roof was broken, the outside wall is bowed, the gutter is dented, the fence is broken, the eaves are … not right.

The good news: They’re replacing the entire roof (hooray!) due to storm damage (wonderful, because it needed to be replaced soon, anyway.) And fixing the other things that are wrong. Still have to pay the deductible, but that’s way cheaper than a whole new roof would have cost us. I think good things will come out of this.

7 thoughts on “Well, great!

  1. Plus one more tree will be gone and you will have a little more light in that corner of the lot.

  2. You will have enough firewood for years if you can get it into small pieces. Put that boy to work! 😉

  3. New roof, rafters and structural repairs… firewood. All for a deductable-sounds good in the long run. Hope the insurance company doesn’t drop coverage.

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