Getting Hitched

Yeah, I started another blog to keep the major wedding stuff all together, so it’s easier to find and categorize the wedding crap. Plus, I didn’t want it all to take over my regular blogging life.

The Event of Awesomeness


3 thoughts on “Getting Hitched

  1. Love the new blog! I had NO idea that the ATL had CityPass…I used it in Chicago and had a blast! See, this is what I like about you…you’re an informative kind of person!!

  2. I love themed weddings where the theme is “awesomeness”. It is way better than “love” or “enchantment under the sea” which are some other ones I’ve heard of. Good job guys!

  3. Thanks, Micky! That’s exactly what we were trying to do!

    🙂 We thought “partywithawedding” was a little harder to remember.

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