Oh Noes!

My iMuffin is having problems: it doesn’t want to boot anymore. The information’s all there, it seems, but something’s off. Boo.

I suppose it’s probably time to replace it, but I love the shape of my muffin, from the round footprint to the very moveable screen. Hrm.


14 thoughts on “Oh Noes!

  1. OOh, an unexpected big ticket item? You will be able to get something more portable and with even more power?

  2. I’ve got some ideas. I think we can reboot it as a firewire disk. Then we can try to read the hard drive from my computer. If we can, then we can dump all the data you want/need from the iMuffin to the iHot (Time Capsule). Finally, format and start over.

    Ummm, so what were you planning on doing tonight?

  3. You kids! Sounds like an Odyssey of the Mind project to me. Whatever happened to duct tape, chewing gum and a bobby pin. How about smacking it upside the head?

  4. Since it looks like crawling under the covers and pretending it’s all going to be fine isn’t an option, I guess doing what you suggested.

    I think a bunch of marshmallows, straws and string, plus a challenge to make the tallest tower possible sounds like way more fun.

  5. Or jello? Maybe that was Georgia and the model of the human cell with carrot slivers and olives for chromosomes or mitrochondria.

  6. It’s still sick, I think. TCB was fiddling with it a little more this morning. I’m not ready to look at other computers yet.

  7. It is alive!

    I copied the personal directory to the Time Capsule. Then I erased the hard drive and restored it from an image I’d placed on the Time Capsule. The image is a little old, but with the personal directory, it should probably be okay. Thank goodness for the Time Capsule huh?

    We might want to consider formatting that drive and doing a fresh install, but that would require use to have the discs for the OS among other things.

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