Sometimes, the products I buy don’t live up to my expectations (for instance, lots of tomato skins left on whole canned tomatoes in a can by a brand that proclaims “steam peeled!”)

Most recently, I complained about some pepperoni that hadn’t been sealed well, so the pepperoni had dried out in the open package. I filled out the form, selecting “Ms.” in the drop-down form. Someone must have been actually reading the emails, because the response envelope came addressed to “Mr.”


2 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. I write to companies sometimes. I once complained to Kroger corporate about the ridiculous wait at the Terre Haute location during evening hours (the only line open was like 24 people long every evening) and they opened more lanes. That letter was sent to the Kroger Board of Directors. Then another time I complained to Burger King about their very bad treatment of the senior citizen in front of me in line. That letter went to the CEO of Burger King. Then another time I notified P&G that their arm & hammer brand toothpaste had a misleading graph on the box showing the amount of baking soda in theirs vs. competitor toothpaste (the bar length was not related to actual amount of baking soda – ex. there was 10% more baking soda but the bar was twice as big). They responded with the proofs for the updated/corrected box artwork.

  2. Nice. I don’t know that I’ve ever complained to a company, but those responses are great.

    No, I have! I wrote to the Braves complaining about their parking lot and inattention to detail after tripping and falling on the one tree stake that they’d left in the ground. Two weeks later, my arm is still bruised and knotty from hitting the edge of the curb. Still no response.

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