Oh, gross

This morning, as I was packing the car to leave for work (and a girl’s weekend afterwards), I saw a large insect run into the house. I put my bags down walked back and and looked for it, because it was huge. It was still in the door jamb area, and it was a large spider. I took off my sandal, poked at it, and it exploded with tiny spiders! Aah! A wolf spider carrying her babies! My sandal of death went back and forth over the area until I saw no more moving spiders. Though the enemy seemed to have unlimited resources, I ultimately prevailed in the Great Battle of Palilavs. the Exploding Spider,


2 thoughts on “Oh, gross

  1. *shivers*

    We have quite a spider problem in our house. Luckily not wolf spiders, but brown spiders with the mostly straight legs. Luckily the cats just sit there and watch them, maybe bat them around a little. Our cats fail.

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