All about the fit.

I went to the mall today, since stores (esp. Kohl’s) are having their “We didn’t sell this in the Labor Day sale, need to get rid of it for Fall Fashions, before the Sunday circulars come out” sales. I think I tried on a million pieces and found 2.5 that I liked (the 0.5 piece being a skirt [that I didn’t get] that went with a shirt I liked and got, but the main color of the skirt was the same as the entire shirt, and I just felt like a red blob in it. Plus, the shirt was way cuter with jeans than the skirt.) That’s usually how shopping goes: I pull a bajillion pieces off the racks, sweet-talk my way past the “only 6 items!” lady, if they have one, and try them all on to find the 0-1 pieces that work for me. I’m used to it. It no longer gets me down and I’m prepared for nothing to work and to walk out empty-handed (after hanging all the clothes back up on the “rejects” rack, of course.)

But! Those 2 pieces that I bought fit well and look great together and by themselves (the other one being a short-sleeved suit-jackety-type thing). And are appropriate for fall. Plus, the bedskirt that goes with out duvet cover was a) available and b) on sale, so that’s awaiting the day before we have a party to go on the bed, to cover up where the cat has scratched the crap out of the box springs.

Also, while I was at the mall, I stopped in GameStop out of habit, and searched their racks for some new (used) game that might be interesting. I glanced over their “behind the counter” display and, lo and behold, a Wii Fit box! I asked it they did, indeed, have a Wii Fit for sale, and they did! They had two! Holy carps!

It’s way more fun to play Wii Fit at home than at the office. Especially with the green cover.


3 thoughts on “All about the fit.

  1. Whoo! It’s lots of fun! TCB and I are trying to to a 30-30 challenge (30 minutes of wii fit for 30 days.) We’ll see how that pans out.

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