Get Smart

On the way home from the girl’s weekend last Monday, I noticed that either I or the cat had put a big scratch down one of the lenses. I was a little bummed, but I didn’t mind it so much once I figured out what the fuzzy-spot-that-wouldn’t-go-away was. Tuesday, I couldn’t find them. I looked by my bed, in my purse, in my car, where I keep my regular glasses, by my computer, at work… nothing. So I switched to my back-up pair (aka my old sunglasses from a corner store in HI.) Then, Wednesday night, Piper J knocked everything off the side table and broke them, along with a wine glass (fortunately, empty.)

So Friday, when we were at Target getting a wedding gift for a co-worker getting married this weekend, I got a new pair of purple, slightly cat-eye sunglasses. Very cute and cheap. TCB makes fun of them.

Saturday, when I was walking out of the mall to my car (with the Wii Fit, which is heavier than it looks), I realized that I’d left my new sunglasses in the dressing room at Kohl’s. On the other side of the mall.


So I hiked back, trying to cover my Wii Fit as much as possible (the people at Game Stop were concerned for my safety when walking out of the mall with it, so they held it until I was ready to leave), and “my” dressing room hadn’t been cleaned out or visited since I’d been there. Hooray! I plonked them back on my head and walked back to the other side of the mall.

On the way back to Kohl’s, however, I found my previous, scratched-but-not-broken pair. I used the old “look in my purse again” trick.


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