Oh, dear

When I was younger and lived with Mom, she had a behavior that caused so much internal embarrasement: she would re-pack grocery bags at the bagger’s station. I mean, holding-up-the-bagger-and-next-customer to re-bag-the-groceries. I think I’d just die inside.

Today, at Target, the checkout lady kept asking me if I wanted things in bags. Yes, I’d brought one canvas bag and I knew that not everything would fit in it because of the combination of hard- and soft-sided items. “Do you want your wine in the bag?” uhh, yes. “Do you want these things in plastic bags?” yes. I would like the 5 items that are left in a bag to carry them all out, unless Target has a basket return area in the parking lot.

She put the wine box (hey, I like the Wine Cube Pinot Grigio. It’s tasty and cheap.) in the canvas bag, then stuffed the cheese and salad around it, put the milk in another bag and the cleaning products in yet another bag. I totally pulled a Mom, putting all the refrigerated items in one bag, and the hard-sided items in the canvas bag, leaving the extra bag at the bagging area. I don’t think I realized what I’d done until I was well into the parking lot.

11 thoughts on “Oh, dear

  1. I completely understand! My mom wouldn’t repack, but she would tell the bagger if he or she was doing it wrong. I learned at a very early age to just go out to the car and wait!

  2. That’s exactly it, Micky! I think I’m doubly mortified because I did it. I guess it’s true, we all turn into our mothers.

  3. Engh, I do it all the time, but only in extreme cases. Like when they put the hard stuff on top of my produce. I cringed once and the check out girl asked what was wrong. I told her the tomatoes were expensive enough without her bruising them. She called me a racial slur and I left.

  4. At the grocery store, I have taken to unloading my cart in a very specific fashion to increase the possibility that the bags will be filled “correctly.” Unfortunately, I’ve found that bringing your own canvas bags somehow signals to the bagger that they can do a crappy job of bagging . . . so I get so excited when it’s too busy for baggers, and I get to do all of the bagging myself! So, I don’t think that’s weird at all.

  5. We usually unload the cart (or, in the south, “buggy”) in a specific order too. It seems to help some.

    When I don’t have a bunch of stuff, I go to the self check out and then the bad packing is my fault.

  6. Yes, George! I also get mad when there’s a soft/crushable/breakable/bruisable item, and they put things on top. Put the bananas and juice on top of corn chips? Totally!

    The Kroger we usually go to does a good job of packing, as does the DeKalb Farmer’s Market, when I bring my own bags. I especially like the Farmer’s Market because they stuff the bags appropriately. I really like carrying in fewer bags.

  7. I live right next to the most ghetto Safeway on the entire island. There are transvestite hookers outside at night and random homless/crazy/crackheaded people outside as well. One thing they do especially well is bagging the groceries. I think it is because no one wants to go there unless they live around there. A little familiarity goes a long way.

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