Productive weekend

Man, we had a productive weekend! Friday night, we re-tried a new (to us) restaurant in Decatur, Twain’s. It’s a brewery/pub, and it’s got lots of room, tasty food and tasty beers. Yum. I really like that it has lots of types of seating- a booth area for talking, a bar area (with high-top tables and bar), a billiard room, a loungey-area… It’s neat. So far, my favorite dish is the house salad (no onions, no bacon) with grilled chicken, and then mixing the honey mustard dressing with their fabulous cucumber-wasabi dressing, about 2:1. The honey mustard sweetens while the cucumber-wasabi gives it a really nice kick. The bees was tasty, and we both like the ever-rotating brewery menu.

Saturday, we started out by checking out the sale at the Sears outlet: half off tool chests. We’ve both been lusting after the Craftsman ball-bearing drawers, but a set had been out of our budget until now. Besides the awesome drawers, out other requirements were based on drawer height and overall height (has to be short enough that I can reach into the back of the top tray.) We found a base we liked in green and a top chest we liked in black, and we’re very fine with a non-matching set. I think we were both a little disappointed that the green top-chest’s lid was flimsy (not reinforced like the black top) and was more expensive than the better version. With two colors, we’ve set ourselves up with room to expand. 🙂

Next, we were off to Progressive Lighting to search for a new light for the upstairs bathroom. We knew what finish we wanted (chrome) and the type of shade (milky). We searched and searched, everything we agreed on was 2,3,4 times what we could possibly imagine spending on a light. Finally, after getting some help and pointers to which 4-light bath bars came with pick-your-own shade… Success! It was also half off, putting it way under budget. It won’t be in until Tuesday, but that’s just fine.

Finally, off to Lowe’s to return a drimmel and see if the had joint compound, and we accomplished both. Hooray!

Once we got back home, I started on putting a skim coat on the freshly-peeled and painted walls. (I sealed the torn-up spots with Zinsser Gardz and that stuff’s great! It really seals and hardens the fluffy drywall.) Gotta say, spreading joint compound is like icing a cake with creamy, dreamy frosting, except finger-licking is discouraged. I finished a first coat on the whole wall before making a tasty dinner of beef-fried-rice.

So, Sunday! Sanded, vaccuumed and iced the bathroom walls again to get rid of divots. Then, TCB and I started on our big project- rearranging the laundry room to fit the tool chests. Before, it was hard to move in that room, and we were squished when doing laundry. Now, our tools are more vertical, not in 4 seperate toolboxes, the large tools are nicely arranged, we consolidated some boxes, so nearly everything’s in a plastic bin or a box on the shelves. We even had space to lay out our extra rug and hall runner.

Finally, the laundry room looks like people with their shit together might do laundry in it. Hopefully, I can get the upstairs bathroom sanded, primed and painted before the light arrives, so the bathroom looks like people with their shit together might shower there!


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