Tonight, TCB took me on an awesome, unexpected date: he took me to a beer and wine tasting at Madras Chettinad, an Indian restaurant near our house.

Now, TCB has continuously said that he hates Indian food. Hates. Does not want. But it was put on by the owners of the corner liquor store, which he frequents infrequently to see what’s new in their surprisingly extensive beer selection, and makes suggestions on beers to order… he’s got a pretty good relationship with the owners, and they convinced him to go. (The owner also seems to remember everyone who’s been in there twice, so that helps.) The dinner was a buffet, so he would surely be able to find something to eat (as I’ve told him- not all Indian dishes contain yogurt and/or curry.) Plus, buffet + tasting was $15. So this past weekend, he got us tickets.

Oh. Man. The beers and wines were tasty, but I haven’t had so much tasty Indian food in a long time. TCB tried nearly everything; he learned that he likes reshmi kebab (a safe bet), chicken tikka masala (mixed with plenty of rice to cut the heat), naan (who doesn’t?), pakora (surprise, it has onion), and, perhaps most surprisingly, veggie samosas. He even asked for a samosa recipe (!!!).

I liked it all, and was super-happy to have plenty of saag paneer with raita. (TCB, not a fan of either. I think he said that saag paneer was the worst thing he’s ever put in his mouth.) I thought it was tasty. Mmmm. I snagged a menu, was very excited by the lassi and kheer on the menu, and I can’t wait to either go back again or order takeout!


5 thoughts on “Mmmm

  1. oh man! yes i want to go. is this the place in the strip with the liquor store next to wendy’s?

  2. I’m not sure where the liquor store next to Wendy’s is, but it’s in the strip with Lucky China, the Bollywood restaurant, and about 87 other Indian restaurants. It’s across the street from Shamrock Plaza (that has Publix and Blockbuster), and near Home Despot. Madras Chettinad is in the back, and kind of hidden from the street (and! It’s across the street from German Bakery.)

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