Garden update

The garden is growing nicely! Here’s the Fall update:

  • The potatoes have sprouted and seem to be thriving. I’m partially using the “cover the sprouted part so more potatoes grow” method, and I’m looking forward to seeing how many we get from this round.
  • Carrots are growing. They seem to be doing better than my attempt to grow them in pots on the front porch, but this probably partially stems from my inability to leave them in the pots for very long before making a snack of them.
  • We have cucumbers! all the vines have tiny baby cukes, and one vine has some in-earnest cucumbers on it.
  • My allergies tell me that the corn is doing well.
  • We’re still getting tomatoes- this cooler weather has really boosted their production. (or… they’re getting more water and more sun, thanks to the lower altitude.)
  • The pepper plants have asploded with peppers, and we’re restraining ourselves from picking them so that they change color! We know that we’ve got one red and one yellow pepper plant, with two still unknown.
  • Today, I started the winter garden by planting broccoli and two types of lettuce. Once the carrots mature, I’ll fertilize the area with compost and plant the radishes. Peas will occupy the current cucumber-and-corn area.

2 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. Nom!

    Really, if only a third of these vegetables thrive and we eat them, we still come out ahead on grocery bills. Hopefully, we’ll only have to buy the bird for Thanksgiving.

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