Friday thoughts

Some thoughts I had this week that weren’t enough for a blog post on their own

  • A house in our neighborhood has tiny plastic easter eggs on sticks in their “by the mailbox” area.
  • One of my black running socks keeps falling into my shoe when I run. I think it’s time to replace the pair.
  • Something ate all but two of the lettuce plants in the back-garden.
  • The front-garden (aka clay pot garden) is thriving, uneaten, and full of broccolies and tomatoes and peppers and lettuceses.
  • While the cypress vine out front was pretty, it got too much into the tomato plant. It has since been given a drastic haircut.
  • The plant that TCB and I see in our neighbor’s yards and we both really like is a shrub rose.

2 thoughts on “Friday thoughts

  1. Shrub roses make a nice border but like all roses need sun and well drained soil. Your rose border by the drive way is nice when pruned back. You could fill in with shrub roses or plant some in a grouping at the top of the drive way on the other side.

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