Second time’s a charm?

Tonight for dinner (since I got home early after a work meeting in Decatur), I made a simple pork roast and risotto with edemame again. I made it a month ago with mild success. Last time, the roast took about two hours longer than the recipe said it would, since it gave absolute times, and making risotto was a lesson in reading the directions, since I’ve never made risotto before. (I had poured all the liquid in, then read the directions and strained most of the liquid out, then added it back in as appropriate.)

This time, I had a roast that was long, not thick. I also used the Joy of Cooking’s recipe and time estimation, which calls for higher temperature for a per pound amount of time. (The roasts were about the same weight.) Tonight’s roast also had slightly more marbling and less fat-cap, making my mistake of doubling the olive oil moot (it needed the extra oil on the non-fat-capped part.) I also used pre-made stock instead of please-dissolve boullion for the risotto, and had the ingredients ready when needed. I thought that I had, perhaps, burned the rice in the rice-toasting portion of cooking, but it was all fine. Turned out much tastier.

In conclusion, to repeat Michelle Duggar in tonight’s episode, “practice makes progress.”


4 thoughts on “Second time’s a charm?

  1. Following the directions on the rissoto while not crucial, does lead to superior results. Sometimes I use vermouth in place of opening a bottle of white wine.

  2. You know, many times the reason the recipe doesn’t go well is the pan isn’t the right temperature. Don’t think that helps but fyi…

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