Voting story

Live Eva and Mike, I walked to my polling place this morning. I tried to hit the “dropping the kids off at school” window, anout 8:30. As I was nearing my place to vote, I passed a guy on the street. I thought he was going to ask for money, since he had that “I want to talk to you” vibe, but he asked me if I was going to go vote. I said yes, and he said I should hurry up and go, there wasn’t a line. I thanked him and, indeed, I was able to walk right in and vote.

Not only did I feel good about voting, I felt good from getting out and about before work.


2 thoughts on “Voting story

  1. It would be nice if that was what most people who approach you on the street were to ask…

    “Hey, you. Have you replaced your air filter recently?” or “Excuse me, sir. Please get your oil checked every five thousand miles.”

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