Nearly done

We worked overtime on the upstairs bathroom this past week. We finally deemed the walls smooth enough on Tuesday, so I primed and painted starting Wednesday, TCB hung the new light on Friday, and yesterday we put the mirror back up. Today, I found a store that carries a curved shower rod in-store (it’s Home Despot), (Mom recommended getting one) and then trekked over to Target for a curtain, since Home Despot apparently doesn’t carry them? Anyway, we got that installed, put the hooks back on the wall, and we’ve got a functional bathroom again!

At first, I was a bit unsure about the paint color. We went with the dark beige that we have elsewhere in the house, and I kind of thought it was boring and too dark. Once the motivation lights came down and the 4-bulb light went up, the room lightened, and once the tape came off, I saw that the beige went really well with the white tile. It’s really adult. I mean, I don’t feel old enough to have that kind of bathroom. We’ve got some more work to do, like have a plumber put in the new shower fixtures, make and paint new doors for the cabinet, find and put up a new ceiling light and figure out if we’re going to put the shelves back in or hang art, but it’s nice to use our brighter bathroom again. I’ll have pictures up soon.

And that shower curtain rod? Awesome.


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