Fite club’s been a little rough the last few weeks: we’re improving, so we’re going after stuff a little harder, light light sparring-> grappling, longer, harder drills (oh, how I hate the last minute of a 30-minute hitting drill), and generally getting rougher. After practice, we have a Hello Kitty ice pack for the worst bumps and I think we all have Hello Kitty band-aids for the cuts and scrapes. I think it increases our toughness levels. After all, it’s not called “Pretty Bandages” for nothin’.

Our instructor, Steve, has been getting better, too, which has been increasing the fitness level overall, I think. He’s been training for months for a fight, getting down to weight. He told us how the other guy’s been trying to pre-fight intimidate him, sending emails and being generally disrespectful of Steve as a fighter (“I can lose x pounds for weigh-in, but I’m not actually going to do it, so let’s just assume that I did,” etc…) So, the fight was today. On the drive home, I got a text from Mary:

Thought you might like to know how steve’s fight went: he has a slightly jacked left leg and a sore back and face.

“Great, glad he didn’t die,” I’m thinking, “But I want to know who won. Was it an easy fight, did Steve tap out? What happened with the other guy?”

Then, Mary sent me another message:

The other guy has a broken arm, a dislocated shoulder, and possible internal bleeding.

Guess Steve won, no matter what the outcome of the fight was. Wonder if a Hello Kitty ice pack would help the other guy feel better?


3 thoughts on “Outcome

  1. Not… really. I was stopped at a long light when I would read, the second text was unsolicited, and I didn’t text back until I got home. Then we discussed putting a hello kitty ice pack in a holiday gift basket with fruit, crackers and a pretty arm sling.

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