What Dad would say about training:

Miss one day, and you know.

Miss two days, and your partner/coach knows

Miss three days, and everybody knows.

Mr. Dog knows how many days I’ve skipped.

I barely made my 30-minute run this evening, though Angus wasn’t doing so hot either. In my defense, Saturday’s 5-mile run (longest evar!) was a bit more of a tempo run than it should have been, but I was trying to fit it in at the hotel between a wedding and the reception. I was still pretty sore yesterday, so I rested and ate pasta (and did plenty of lifting while rearranging the furniture in our new office.) And, with all the travel in the last few weeks, I may have skimped on a shorter run, though I did some kind of cross-training if the run was short or skipped.  Like hiking!

Wet lichens
Sun streaming
Lady in red


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