Group run

This morning’s group run… I still didn’t really feel up to it. It was supposed to be a 6-mile run, though our route was really 6.3 miles. Another “I have never run that far” run. Mile 1 was ok, but I was really happy to reach then and take a 45-second walk. And again, I was happy that we needed to cross Ponce at a light, and that the light just wasn’t changing, around the 2-mile mark. As I approached 2.5 miles, I was hurting, losing speed, sort of just shuffling along and wondering how I was going to get though the next 3.8 miles, when two women came up behind me and asked how I was, and if I’d like to run with them: they were doing a 9:1 run/walk strategy.

Sure! I was on a 10:1 run/walk strategy, and it was clearly not working. Running with them, though I didn’t always keep up with them on the run, really helped: I had someone else to follow and gauge my pace on, and I certainly finished it faster than if I’d been running on my own.


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