Angus was very excited today. He needed to put on both of his flag scarves. I can’t say I blame him for being so excited. I love the inauguration stuff, no matter who it’s for. I think I might know why (besides my unexplainable love for personal ceremonies):

I went to the inauguration for Bush (#1.) Dad and I rode the train down from Philadelphia, and I remember waiting along the parade route and the only radio that worked in our immediate vicinity was mine: a square purple Mickey Mouse radio (the ears were the tuner and volume.) I also remember going to see the Ruby Slippers at the Natural History Museum afterward (and hurriedly searching for them), and leaving my copy of The Wizard of Oz on the train. (I was very sad about that because I thought the illustrations were really neat.)

I believe Mom & Dad have a better rememberance of the event than I do, but I also remember getting seperated from the rest of the class the next day and, instead of making up the work I missed, writing an essay on my experience instead. And, now, I think that was pretty awesome. The teacher in Third Grade (Mrs. Gallagher) was really kind of cool.

In other inauguration news, I love Ikea’s “Change Begins at Home” marketing.


3 thoughts on “Excitement

  1. #1 Personal ceremonies? from Scouts?
    #2 I recently came across some memorabilia from your inauguration trip. My recollection is being glued to the tv scanning the crowds for a glimpse of you.

  2. George H W took a stroll ot of the limo just in front of where you and I were standing. He waved to you.

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