Oh, daylight savings. I loved getting home at 6:30 on Sunday after a day of shopping (with nothing to show for it) and still having an hour of daylight left with which to sit on the back patio and have a beer with Gordon and Dear Seester.

I’ve hated that I still haven’t left work before sunset this week, despite getting in early and taking short lunches, because of other people’s bunglings (oh, you “forgot” to give me all the specs for this Very Important Widget (that you need today) until 5:45 and you’re leaving at 6? And I asked you at noon if there was anything missing, and you said you’d check asap so that the courses could build using the VIW, and haven’t had much to do all afternoon? And half your changes are completely different from the previous round of meting-out of requirements? Gee, thanks.)

I’m also loving the weather. This is defintiely my favorite time of year in the ATL: fair and even enough to leave the windows open all day and night, the heavy pollen hasn’t started yet, the bugs aren’t gathering (or biting) and jeans + t-shirt are perfectly comfy and appropriate.


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