Today was totally a skinny day.

It started when I noticed, before leaving the house, that the jeans I’d just pulled out of the dryer were already a little saggy. The jeans that, a month or two ago, I had to suck my tummy in to get on and/or do a few squats in before zipping up. Then I caught sign of me in the jeans in the bathroom at work: no pooch hanging over, no muffin top, just jeans that looked like they might be a smidge too big, but exactly fit.

Then, while changing for Fite Club, I realized that I’d kind of forgotten my shorts. I’d forgotten my top layer of shorts, but not my cheap-bike-shorts, sort-of-like-thick-compression-shorts, under-shorts, so that’s all I had to wear on the bottom. Instead of feeling like my butt and gut were hanging out, or that the shorts were holding them in for dear life, I felt comfortable in just those shorts. Better, even, than when I remember all my shorts. When hitting the bag, but ass didn’t feel jiggly, and I certainly didn’t get the “waves across the tummy” feeling.

I think this whole “run a mini-marathon” thing is having unintended consequences that need to be celebrated with grilled chicken and veggies.


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