As I was driving home today, after an angry day at work (oh, so the awesome math that I figured out to make the picture zoom and center when you click on a highlight, that most-important feature that you requested last week, the stuff that took days to do, you don’t want anymore? Awesome.), I was driving home, thinking of all the things that need to get done. Just making a list. A list that I’ll share with you now.

  • Take the animals to the vet
  • Schedule the yearly termite inspection
  • Get new tires for the car
  • Get a long-overdue oil change
  • Get my eyes checked & get new contacts
  • Schedule my yearly checkup with the doctor
  • Read over the caterer contract one more time before sending in the deposit
  • Finalize the words on the invitations and print it
  • Figure out the rsvp cards and the rest of the invitation package
  • Figure out dinner for tonight
  • Go out to dinner with TCB before he leaves for spring break (can you believe we’ve been dating for 5 years now?)
  • Decide if I’m feeling up to running, since fite club kick my butt yesterday, entirely from not using those muscles in that way recently
  • Think about the tent, and hope the other group using the MGH that weekend wants to use it too, so we can split the cost
  • Plant grass in the backyard
  • Not think about the absurdity of doing work at work without a fucking design document to which I should build
  • Try not to get hit while driving on 400
  • etc…

And about the time I was feeling overwhelmed, I noticed that the tree coming up was decorated in easter eggs. Turned out to be pastel and silver christmas ornaments/balls.



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