Successful Weekend

G & I had a Successful Weekend. We:

  • Tried on a million real “bridesmaid” dresses at Bride Beautiful, disliked them all. Our favs from online shopping were disappointing, and the only winner wasn’t as awesome as the dresses we’d seen at Bloomingdale’s the week before.
  • Went back to Bloomie’s and found Syd’s dress again, and also a dress for G in light blue (way better than the christmas green, and more predictable than the orange one we found online)
  • Got out pictures taken in the photobooth that they’d set up for the “Bloomie’s celebrates prom! event”
  • Confirmed that dresses for Team Bride are done! With normal, nice, awesome (hopefully) re-wearable dresses! Until we tried on even the “normal dress” looking bridesmaid dresses at BB, I didn’t realize how big of a rip-off bridesmaid dresses can be. Just the fabric alone (silk  vs. polyester) for the same price was amazing.
  • I went to Leon’s Full Service for the first time, got to catch up with Slingerdoo and Katie. Also met Dave Kell of inDECATUR.
  • I finally saw Dr. Horrible.
  • We registered for the Peachtree
  • Shopped Kohl’s for a new top (me) and work pants (G). Also found a potential shower dress for me and confirmed that I’m in a size smaller than I used to be. Didn’t get it today (though it’s so awesome) in anticipation of some more smaller-ing in the next month and a half.
  • Found part of the Team Bride gifts on sale.
  • Make chicken with carrots and leeks in a mustard-tarragon cream sauce
  • Made white chocolate-wasabi cupcakes with a sake-plum filling and white chocolate frosting
  • Realized that my ankle tendonitis is from my shoes breaking down after too much running, so ordered new ones with my REI dividend for training for the Peachtree. Not sure what I’m going to do about my feets until then, except for rice.
  • Went to Kroger and saved over $50 with coupons. Us: not embarrassed to use those coupons. Our checkout lady’s nametag: “Awesomeness”

I’m icing my ankle while G finishes those cupcakes. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet our new neighbors and take them a few this week! (And, hopefully, I’ll be able to walk without pain tomorrow!)


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