Brighter update

New Shoes:
Not really for me, for the car! TCB pointed out this weekend that my original tires (the three that have avoided screws) are *slightly* illegal. So, I’m meeting him for lunch tomorrow while the tires get swapped out for new ones.

Shower faucet:
Seems to have slowed or stopped leaking. Still need to get someone out to put the new handles in, but it’s not something we need to do immediately.

Cleaning up:
The washer’s problem is covered under warranty. Wednesday, someone’s coming out to fix it.

Annual termite inspection is Wednesday, too.

Bill of good health:
The animals had their annual exam today and passed. Piper J might have a heart murmur, but it was probably an artifact of stress, and Angus needs to keep running to lose a few pounds, but it’s not any more than my Wii Fit goal. They’re all caught up on shots and Angus is looking forward to exploring the Decatur dog parks!


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