Gearing up

So, I’m gearing up (and hoping to be able to run for more than a mile tomorrow) for the half marathon on Sunday. Got my bib number today by email, TCB signed up to follow me through the race (and to make sure he gets to GA Tech by the time I pass through that area) and I’m all set to get my race packet on Saturday. Getting a little anxious, but also trying to adjust my sleeping schedule a little, so the 5am wake-up on Sunday isn’t as rude as my usual 8-am wake-up schedule would make it.

Since I have less than a packet left, I wish I’d grabbed another packet of the gummy-gel things from Mitch while I was in Ft. Wayne, because they’re not too bad tasting, and they don’t make me want to gag when I eat them while running (like the energy shots always seem to do. I need to chew my food.) I also feel like it’s a little more of a steady source of energy than the gels, which seem to do too much, too fast.

So, you can totally follow my progress through the race, if you’re interested, over the three hours I’m estimating it’ll take me to finish by putting my usual name into the ING Georgia Marathon site, then cross-reference it with the route map. Or, you could sleep for those three hours on Sunday morning.

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