Results Pt. 1

Still waiting on the official results (Caleb says they were up immediately last year), but I totally rocked my sub-3-hour goal. Made it across the line after 2 hours, 48 minutes of running (according to the text updates that G got. and my watch The email tracking didn’t seem to work for me tracking me or Caleb. I’m almost wondering if they have a server time issue?) I even rocked the sub-3-hour goal on the finish line time clock.

Anyway, the race, for me started the day before, when G and I went to get my race packet from the ING Health and Fitness Expo.  My goal: get my race packet and figure out who, if anyone, was giving away packets of my favorite refueling food. We got my packet right away and it only took a couple passes over the activation pad to get my D-Tag to register (helps if you actually pass the tag over the pad.) The Powerbar Gel Blasts… a little more tricky. We walked around to the booths, picked up free samples and coupons for the products we use and like (for example, a million coupons for free quarts of Almond Breeze.) So, we putzed, I bought a bra I love on sale from Fleet Feet’s booth, and we decided to head out without finding my favorite energy … thing. Then I commented that I hadn’t seen Emory Healthcare’s booth, and I wanted to see it after doing (taking, creating, formatting to teach others to use it…) the training for their computer systems. So we found their booth, and they had it on their table! Yeah, you had to spin a wheel to get it, but I asked if I could trade in the Emory Healthcare-branded water bottle I won (next to the energy stuff on the wheel) for the cheaper, unpopular energy stuff, and the lady went for it. Success!

Then G and I went to the GA Tech Car show, as TCB had entered our truck. It was lovely. I really liked the ’68 Charger. We dropped G off at work, went home, and immediately fell asleep for three hours.

Dinner was cooking in time for Earth Hour, and we had a tasty smack-n-cheese + hamburger, green pepper and tomatoes dinner.  Of course, sleeping that night was difficult. I was still sleepy (I’d gotten up at 6am that day, in prep), but not long after I fell asleep next to Mr. Dog, he had a siezure and I was up for a good two hours after that. So, I think I got three hours of official sleep before the race, as TCB started snoring an hour before I had to get up, G got home 20 minutes before, so that last hour was worthless. Didn’t matter much; after I woke up a little, I couldn’t go back to sleep. Too anxious.


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