One mile to go! (results pt 3)

This mile was the longest mile. I think they shaved all the other miles down to get to the “One mile left” sign faster. The other miles seemed to go by in a flash, this one took for. ev. er. I remember looking at my watch, timing it out, and the time took 1.5 times my projected “last mile” time. And so many people saying “it’s only X left! you’re almost there!” My take: I sped up unsustainably in the last mile. But when I rounded the corner to the finish line, I had all the energy in the world. And Lindsay and Caleb had stuck around, cheering at the finish. Me: shocked, as he’d finished half my time ago. But it was awesome.  And G and Jeremy had made it to just past the finish, too, saw them around the time I got my medal and blanket. My time was officially recorded: 2:57 on the clock, 2:48 for my chip.

We got my gear, tried to figure out how to get out of the park, met Caleb and Lindsay for yum lunch at Los Hermanos. I’m looking forward to next year, as I can now see the link between training and performance much better than I have ever seen before. I’m also looking forward to the Peachtree and, sooner, the Terrapin 5k + 1m run in Athens in 3 weeks.

My final determination: this wasn’t so bad, it was kind of really fun. I can see where I can improve, I don’t hurt anywhere afterward that I really didn’t expect to hurt just from trianing previews. Yeah, my feet and ankles hurt, but I was expecting that after the last two weeks. I know how to deal with that and think that the new shoes will take care of most, if not all, of it. These running shoes have definitely retired after this race. The only surprise post-race pain was on the front of my hips: small blister tears from keeping my packet of fuel between my skin and under-shorts. (Literally, compression shorts worn under my umbros: purple shorts that have a small, fairly useless pocket that only holds half my cellphone.) And I don’t feel that I need that packet ont he shorter-than-8-mile runs, and this is easily solvable with either an interior pocket sewn into my shorts or getting runnig shorts with pockets. Looking forward to more miles!


One thought on “One mile to go! (results pt 3)

  1. Getting out of the park was something else. “Hey, you just finished a half of full marathon so we’re going to make you all down a big hill and back up just for fun!”

    BTW: Congrats!

    I remember running my last mile in the mini-marathon in Indy. I was running soooo hard but I new it was like a 20 min mile pace. I just couldn’t go anymore.

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