It’s time to garden! George and I got seeds started a month ago, but today I planted my usual “buy them already well-started” plants. G and I hit up Home Despot this morning for a couple or three tomato plants and ended up with 5: 1 small, 2 medium, 2 large. That’s fine- I planted 4 in the backyard and one in the front. We did pick a little by name, with my favorites being “Amelia” and “Mr. Stripey.” Looking forward to a wide variety of tomatoes this summer! Around the tomato bases, once the tomatoes get a little better established, I’m thinking about planting cucumbers.

While I was digging up the back garden for the tomatoes, I found more than two handfuls of seed potatoes that I forgot to dig up this winter. Hooray! I moved them over to another bed for crop-rotation purposes.  Behind the potatoes, I’m thinking of putting in corn.

Later that afternoon, TCB and I headed to Lowe’s for not much reason beyond seeing their plants and driving around on this nice day with the T-tops off. There, we decided on a few pepper plants (yellow bell and pimento) and phlox for the top corner of the backyard. It was on sale, so if it doesn’t thrive, we haven’t put that much into the experiment. (We’re not sure if it’s *quite* sunny enough in that corner.) We also got some cages for the tomatoes, since the decorative trellis things are pretty, but not enough support for tomatoes.

While at Lowe’s, someone told us that it’s supposed to freeze Monday and Tuesday. Boo. We got the plants anyway, since I can hold off on planting the phlox (which should be fine) and the peppers are next to the house. The backyard tomatoes… I’m hoping the forecast is wrong.


3 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Yes, cover them, since they’re small, even a bucket will do. Jeremy needs to save coffee grounds to put around the bases of the tomatoes to keep the cut worms away. Good mulch for tomatoes.

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