Rough seas

GAC2009 was pretty good. Though we didn’t finish as high as we felt we should have, we had a good time as a group. I’m still working on getting all the pictures up on Flickr, and will make a bigger post once they’re up.

TCB and I have been having a wedding-productive, but real-life anti-productive week. We decided to punt of the remaining invitation printing, opting for the laser printer for the remainder, rather than gocco, since I ran out of dark blue ink and don’t have time to order more. Plus, I found that putting a screen in the fridge doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to thaw it and keep printing, as sometimes the emulsion on the screen doesn’t cooperate and comes off. So, I’m a little worried about the thank-you card screen .

We’ve both had rough weeks already at work. Mine’s been related to coworkers not remembering what they’d agreed to and even led the push for (like, say, generic buttons), then yelling (literally) at me for not making it client-specific items (buttons.) I hate crying at work, but it got my point across that a) yelling at me is not ok and pretty counterproductive and b) he was being unreasonable. And things have been slightly downhill from there. If I quit this job, it will be beacuse of this one coworker. Today, a client yelled at me for things I have absolutely no control over, like people can change things on the internet and Google’s search algorithm. Is awesome.

TCB’s rough week affects us both- he’s gotten his dissertation proposal nearly finished and now his adviser is going back to the “do you really want be to be your adviser?” and suggesting counter-productive changes on his lit review on parts that he’d explained are critical to be able to publish it as a separate paper (with her, so he can get things published and be able to graduate in 5 years.) She also seems to have decided that TCB’s definitely going to take 6 years to graduate, so she’s slowed her support  down to match her self-fulfilling prophesy. This frustrates both of us. We both want out of the grad-school ennui, we’re ready to move on with our lives, and part of my continued willingness to continue doing to a job I’m not thrilled with is the thought that it’s just one more year.

I get up, drag my feet on getting to work, and think, “just one more year.” Then, I feel,  I can get started on figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. I’m not sure that another job in the same field would be more satisfying- I think programming is something I can do, something I’m fairly good at, but not anything I want to do long-term. It’s ok, but certainly not a passion.


3 thoughts on “Rough seas

  1. Find something you enjoy to concentrate on. Let that be your focus during the day. The 9-5: it’s just not worth it.

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